ClearBOX, Beam Tracking & Multi-WAN means Smooth Sailing

In conjunction with MarineVSAT (a ClearCenter Authorized Partner), we’ve developed technology for tracking vessels and maintaining Multi-WAN connectivity over satellite.

ClearBOX offers the ability to manage maritime networks with direct integration to idirect systems. Reliable network connectivity and satellite beam switching are now possible, and easily managed through the ClearOS interface (on ClearBOX).

This provides fleet managers with the location of the vessels, and ensures maximum throughput on VSAT connectivity as the vessel changes its position. At sea, satellite internet can cost tens of thousands of dollars per month; while only providing .5 to 1.5Mbps speeds. Divide that bandwidth by dozens of crew members and you can see why bandwidth control is critical. These maritime centric ClearBOXs from MarineVSAT come equipped with everything needed to secure the vessel and provide needed IT systems. They also provide bandwidth management and Multi-WAN technologies needed to capitalize on the connection maintained by the Beam-Tracking app.

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