Introducing the All-New, ClearBOX 500 Hybrid Smart Clusters

ClearCenter is excited to announce the ClearBOX 500 Hybrid Smart Clusters. For the first time, ClearBOX, and the 100+ IT Functions included are now available in a full cluster. This includes all failover functions expected from an enterprise cluster. The combination of next-generation small business servers, networking functions and security protection ensures maximum uptime, reliability, and scalability across the network.

Models ship with 3x ClearBOX Hybrid Smart Servers, 1x ClearBOX Smart Switch, and 1x Power Distribution Unit. This creates a turn-key deployment where each server is pre-installed, tested, and arrives ready to configure.

“The ClearCenter product family is world-class and well supported. We have used the products since 2005 and highly recommend them!” ~ ClearCenter Customer.

More Info: ClearBOX 500 Hybrid Smart Clusters

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