Let’s Encrypt App Live in the ClearOS Marketplace

Do you have internal systems causing annoying self-signed certificate warnings or are you looking to save some money on any or all of your SSL certificates? Then Let’s Encrypt is for you.

The Let’s Encrypt ClearOS Marketplace app is one of the new apps designed for ClearOS version 7.4 and let’s you easily take advantage of the Let’s Encrypt service. Let’s Encrypt is an open certificate authority that provides free SSL certificates.  

The two problems with using Let’s Encrypt in the past have been the lack of a UI (command line only) and the complexity of managing your free certificates over time and multiple systems.

The team at WikiSuite created the ClearOS Marketplace Let’s Encrypt app to solve these problems. Just install the app within your ClearOS system and then use the included GUI to create and manage your certificates. The ClearOS Marketplace Let’s Encrypt app also integrates the certificate lifecycle and management into the ClearOS Webconfig to be used by other services like Openfire, OpenVPN and more.

Special thanks to Marc Laporte and Peter Baldwin for driving this project to completion!

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