Wallace B. Randolph Joins ClearUnited as Chief Operations Officer

ClearUnited builds products centered on digital sovereignty: putting the control over personal data and digital identification in the hands of the user.

OREM, Utah, USA February 4, 2020, ClearUnited, a Clear company, today announced that it has hired Wallace B. Randolph as Chief Operations Officer. “Wally has managed large IT operations and is a perfect fit to build the foundation of customer support and supply-chain management we need at ClearUnited,” says CEO Michael Proper. The first ClearUnited product to be delivered is the ClearPHONE, a smartphone that shifts personal data away from the cloud and onto a decentralized platform managed by the user. “The ClearID technology combined with ClearOS Mobile and software that not only filters and blocks but also improves performance is groundbreaking,” Randolph says. “It’s what got me excited about working here at ClearUnited.”

Mr. Randolph has over thirty years of extensive and advancing experience in Logistics, Customer Support, Professional Services, and Operations. Before joining Clear, was a managing co-founder and VP at DirectPointe, Inc., and helped it grow from a start-up company to become the #1 ranked Managed Service Provider in the world. “Wallace built an entirely new industry, the MSP world that supported software and hardware,” Continues Michael Proper. “And in that system, the average customer response was 32 seconds. That’s incredible.” Wallace started his career at NuSkin Enterprises where he advanced to Director of Specialized Distribution and implemented many of the company’s logistics and customer support initiatives. He is certified in ITIL, the most widely adopted approach for IT Service Management in the world.

About ClearUnited

ClearUnited technologies give control back to the user; building innovative products for consumers, families, and small businesses focusing on Internet safety and personal data control, healthcare, fitness, decentralized cloud storage, smart devices, digital identity, and more.

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