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Will Physical IDs be a Thing of the Past?

According to a recent article from the associated press, a growing number of states are phasing out physical ID cards as they transition to a digital identification system. 

This push for a total digital reset was confirmed when Pam Dixon, executive director of the World Privacy Forum, was recently quoted as saying, “I would imagine that at some point, maybe in a generation, maybe less, that people will accept a fully digital system.”

With the trend of digital IDs becoming more and more popular throughout the world, what does that mean for individual privacy and security?

The article states that “mobile licenses will give people more privacy by allowing them to decide what personal information they share” and “the licenses [will] offer privacy control options that allow people to verify their age when purchasing alcohol or renting a car, while hiding other personal information like their address.” 

But does any of that matter if your phone’s operating system isn’t encrypted? 

On September 1, 2021, ClearUnited will officially launch the world’s first decentralized smartphone that will give individuals the ability to control their privacy and data wherever they live. 

During the September Summit, ClearUnited will host a line of experts who will cover an array of topics that include the future of individual digital identification, communication, and decentralization throughout the world. 

Understanding how a decentralized identification (or DID) works will be one of the highlighted topics during the Summit presented by one of the world’s foremost experts on security and decentralization, Conrad~R0761

With the majority of society transitioning to a more centralized digital world, we have to ask ourselves what role we’ll play in defending individual rights to privacy, liberty, and personal property. 

That role could simply mean taking a stand and raising your voice for truth and principle. 

Each week on Tuesday at 5:30pm MST, ClearUnited hosts the Ripple Effect, a webinar where we have the opportunity to join with thousands of individuals across the world to have our voices heard and get the latest updates around the decentralized ecosystems. 

To watch the most recent Ripple Effect or plug into the upcoming call, go to the link below:


KSL article: Pandemic gives boost as more states move to Digital ID’s (DID’s)