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Advancing Together

Michael Proper and his team are at the forefront of a movement aimed at reshaping the way nations interact with digital currencies and decentralized systems. This endeavor isn’t about financial gain but rather a profound dedication to harnessing technology for the benefit of humanity. At the core of their mission is the development and deployment of systems that enable countries to autonomously manage their digital currencies, marking a significant leap towards sovereignty in the digital age.

The strategy to achieve this monumental task involves the widespread adoption of specialized smartphones, designed not just for communication but as integral components of a larger vision to decentralize digital infrastructures. These devices are pivotal in their role to elevate adoption rates, setting the stage for a series of strategic product launches anticipated in October. The focus is not only on the hardware but also on a slew of software advancements that promise to push the boundaries of what’s possible in technology integration.

The journey to this point has been fueled by passion and commitment, team members , who have been instrumental since early 2021. Their dedication serves as the project’s backbone, driving forward initiatives that aim to bring together communities despite logistical challenges such as coordinating across different time zones. .

As the October launches draw near, there’s a palpable sense of anticipation for the unveiling of technological advancements that blend software innovation with hardware capabilities. This project is more than a testament to technological prowess, it’s a beacon of hope for a future where digital technologies empower nations, for a more connected, and decentralized world. To begin your decentralized journey, check out the ClearPHONE.