CES 2020

CES is in our rearview mirror and we’re now looking forward to an incredible future with Clear!

Here are a few things we learned in just a few long days:

CES is a big show! And most of the products are in development, not fully baked. Which gives us a view of what’s coming. What we liked most was that everybody we met was trying to solve a problem that makes living on earth a little better. From farming technology, to transportation, to carbon control, to health monitoring. The integration of technology into our daily lives is now permanent. But it’s up to each of us to make the best use of it. 

In the last year we have been watching the privacy and security sector very carefully. There have been lots of hacks on big data companies, and lots of questions raised about who should own our data. There is an undercurrent of developers and thinkers who believe we have lost too much of our privacy. So there were products on display designed to give us back a portion of what we have lost. Most all of them do it with software. None of them have the deep integration into hardware as we do at Clear. Our years of experience in the security space and the Operating System space has really given us a head start. 

Next, we found that while many phones are focused on small adjustments to cameras and screen sizes, at Clear, we are focused on how the user interfaces with the phone while they are protecting their privacy. We have some great designers out of Italy making this interface incredible so that it matches the depth of our internal innovation. Just walking around and showing the phone to people brought excitement. The most common response was: “Where can I get one of those?!”

We started on this mission to give users, and especially parents, control over their Internet experience. Add that to the latest gadget technology in cameras, facial recognition, battery life, and more…and we think we have the best phone on the planet.

Folding tablets, edge-to-edge TV screens, and flying cars are cool. But what will really change the world is when the device in your hand not only protects who you are, but also puts you in the Internet driver’s seat.

2020 is the year ClearPHONE launches. Check out Clear.store and see what the future holds!

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