How to protect yourself in the digital jungle

The first survival tip is to get rid of all your passwords. Yes, you read that right. “Get rid of your passwords.” 

But how can that possibly be the most secure way to traverse the digital landscape without being robbed?

Let’s think about passwords for a moment. Each of us make them up and do so in a way that makes them easy to remember like: Beagle46. Or BrendaRocks! Next, we tend to use the same password on most of our accounts. The danger in this is that hackers can get bits of our information from different places and try one of our passwords on another one of our accounts. This is the most common way people get hacked. And surprise! You’ve probably already been hacked. Go to here and enter your email and see all the places that have ripped you off.

But let’s say you are clever enough to use a password manager. That’s great. Your odds of being hacked or exploited just went way down because your passwords are being randomized. There are really only two issues with this: 1. You have to pay for the service. And 2. Your passwords are still being stored on the cloud where a breach could mean millions of passwords compromised.

Before we get to the best solution, let’s talk about what your password represents: you. Everything you are online is accessed through your password: your social profile, your bank account, your job searches, your work history, your friends, even your driving record. So there is a digital you out there that you really have little control over. Once it is created, it is at the mercy of whoever wants to aggregate your public data, and possibly some of your private data. And this virtual you represents the physical you in real life. 

See why it is so important to control your digital life? 

Try getting a car loan if your social security number was entered in wrong. Or a job if someone hacked your social profile as a joke and turned you into an embezzler. The best protection is to own yourself, both physically and digitally. And to have one password that is completely unique and can’t be guessed or faked: Your face and your fingerprint.

Here’s how it works

Without being too technical, think of ClearPHONE as your key. You open it up with a fingerprint. It then scans your face in 3-D. It takes about one second. But behind the scenes all your passwords are constantly being randomized and automatically reset, always tied to your face. That means two things: 1. The passwords are the most difficult to hack ie: 1n$%>lJo(p*7nfRD. 2. They are different for every account and you don’t have to remember them, they are on your phone that nobody else can get into. 

That’s the security you deserve. And in future posts, we will show you all the benefits of owning your digital self and how you can monetize it.

The time is now for better password security. Sign up to test drive our new software. We’re only taking the first 100 so get started now. Drop us a line at

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