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ClearID puts You in Control of Your Digital Life

Fragments of our digital activities are scattered all over the Internet: transactions, locations, personal info etc. All these fragments add up to a digital identity. It’s not always accurate, but more concerning is what organizations are doing with it. In that iconic movie The Matrix, people are literally a digital image of themselves, being monitored and watched. Today, our physical self is being judged by what has been aggregated online. And with that much data about you floating around, there’s a real possibility that you are being manipulated and even exploited.

ClearID is a paradigm shift. From blindly sharing personal data, being surveilled without our permission, to being in control of what your digital experience is: what bits you share, what you keep personal. By utilizing a 4 step verification process that’s as simple as looking into your phone, you become the key. Storage is not on a central cloud but on a decentralized system so only you have access to your data. 

The best part about ClearID is you no longer need passwords. It only takes a few minutes to set up your ClearID. In the background, 126 character passwords are generated for all your accounts. You can set ClearID to reset passwords on a monthly basis. These passwords are connected to a 3-D scan of your face, and your fingerprint so you don’t have to remember any of them.

Now imagine having complete control over your digital identity: not only access to your accounts but everything that has ever been shared about you online. Now you can manage every detail of it. That’s digital freedom.

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