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Owning your Identity

Michael Proper introduces an ingenious concept, a license plate that functions as your personal vault, keeping your sensitive information safe during a traffic stop. Unlike traditional plates that give way to much information then needed when you get pulled over, these new plates just give whats needed to ensuring your privacy and security.

How these plate work, they have this unique code made up of 12 special words. This code links to your identity, car details, and important docs like your birth certificate and marriage license. But when a police officer scans your plate during a traffic stop, they only see what they need to know, like if your registration and insurance are up to date.

But it’s not just about making life easier. Michael Proper wants us to take back control of our information. By using these plates, we keep our personal info safe and don’t just hand it over to anyone who asks. It’s like having a shield against folks who might try to control us.

So, when we use these special plates, we’re not just streamlining things; we’re standing up for our privacy and freedom. It’s a small step toward a future where we are in the driver’s seat of our own lives, one license plate at a time. To learn more about shaping the future of personal security, visit Digital.World.