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Santa, All We Want For Christmas is ClearONE Teams

Living through a pandemic has made one thing abundantly clear… all we want for Christmas is ClearONE Teams.
Why ClearONE Teams?
I am sure you can relate, but our tolerance for anything being unnecessarily difficult is negative -1,000,000,000.
For most people, nothing about 2020 has been simple or easy. Covid-19 has affected how we work and go to school, how we buy groceries and spend our holidays.
Thankfully, we have technology like video conferencing that lets us stay connected from anywhere.
But, ClearONE Teams isn’t just a video conferencing tool… it’s a combination of every tool you need to overcome the challenges of this year and build security for the future.
Here’s why ClearONE Teams should be at the top of your wish list:
ClearONE Teams gives you a virtual office space that lets you work from home again.
Working from home has some serious perks: no commuting, no 5 o’clock traffic, heck… no pants if that’s how you want to roll.
But, you’re not just working from home anymore. You’re home, living through a global health crisis… trying to work.
And while you’re coping from home, using ClearONE Teams is going to remove a great deal of pandemic stress from your life.
Here’s why:

⦁ You’ll easily be able to organize and track your projects.
⦁ You can automate your appointment scheduling and eliminate back & forth calling and emailing.
⦁ You’ll have everything you need to easily communicate and share files with your long-distance team.
⦁ You can choose which customized visual display fits your workflow.

Allowing you to reclaim your focus so you can start being productive again is why ClearONE Teams is the gift that keeps giving for every remote worker this Christmas.
ClearONE Teams is bringing office collaboration back with a vengeance.
Let’s face it, no one wants to be in the office right now. Between temperature checks and plastic barriers, an office is no longer a comfortable place.
More than that, the whole purpose of being in the office is to centralize all of your resources and operations into one collaborative place.
But, there’s nothing easy about collaborating in the office anymore. With social distancing restrictions, co-workers sharing the same office space are now doing so 6 ft apart, wearing masks and plastic shields.
Here’s how ClearONE Teams is using innovative tech to bring back collaboration with a vengeance:

⦁ You can once again have your entire team in one safe place.
⦁ You’ll easily be able to track and manage all your company’s projects.
⦁ You can have your team on hand to chat, share screens and files… Or you can use ClearONE Teams’s exclusive voice channels that open a live audio stream with your team members. This real-time collaboration tech is as close to working side-by-side as you can get right now.
⦁ You can sync and automate your appointment calendars so your clients and team can book times with you whenever they need to.
⦁ And all of this on a decentralized, private platform

We’ve collectively lost both the remote workspace and the office, which is why ClearONE Teams is not just another app… It’s a virtual office space with unmatched functionality that lets you get back to work.
It’s everything you need to finally get that business idea up and running.
There’s never been a better time to create more financial security for your family. If you have a business idea you have been sitting on for years, now’s the time to put your idea into action.
And, you don’t have to do it alone. With ClearONE Teams you can:

⦁ Set up your business profile
⦁ Assemble a team and add your partners
⦁ Put together a business plan and assign tasks to implement them
⦁ Instantly have a visual of your business idea and it’s progress
⦁ Use Video Conferencing and Voice Channels to brainstorm ideas and collaborate
⦁ Put together your contacts for investors, partners, and your team
⦁ Stay organized and motivated

Covid has created a unique opportunity to think outside the box and explore new revenue streams. But, building a business from scratch is hard work, but doing it without technology is almost impossible.
ClearONE Teams helps you streamline your business, social, and personal life.
Thankfully, life’s not all work. And even with Covid ruining most plans for this year, people have come up with some seriously clever ways to celebrate, support, and stay in touch with each other.
From drive-by birthday parades to video chat holiday parties, we’ve figured out how to still be there for each other.
While it may not be ideal, it’s hard not to be grateful for the technology that lets us feel close, even when we have to keep our distance.

With ClearONE Teams, you can set up multiple profiles so you can use all of the collaborative, connective tools for every aspect of your life.
Whether you run a book club, the PTA, a religious or spiritual study group, or you want to be closer to loved ones… You can easily set up video meeting rooms, chat and voice channels, and have all your contacts ready to go.
Each profile you create lets you separate your business, social, and personal life. These separate profiles are all in one place, making it easier to track and balance everything in your life.
It’s the most affordable gift you can give to someone, or yourself.

The Clear ONE Teams platform is packed with high-tech, innovative tools, but we’re also on a mission to connect people in this pandemic world. After everything that’s happened this year, we wanted all our tools to be affordable and accessible to everyone.

With ClearONE Teams, you get Video Conferencing, Chat and Voice Channels, Automated Appointment Calendars, Project Management, and so much more!
We want the world to be a more connective, collaborative, and accessible place again.
Happy Holidays!