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Try ClearGLASS With Free Hosted Demo Site

Since it was released last year, ClearGLASS has become one of the most-popular apps for ClearOS because of the time and money it has saved ClearOS users by automating tasks and reducing underutilized cloud-compute resources.

With ClearGLASS you can securely and privately manage a mix of various cloud resources from multiple providers, on-premises servers, ClearNODEs, or decentralized IT infrastructure at any scale from a single management pane.

Because of its popularity, we’ve received many requests from ClearOS users who want to try ClearGLASS in the fastest way possible to explore all of its cloud management features before deploying into their existing ClearOS environments.

You’ve asked, and we’ve delivered.

We’re happy to announce the launch of a new, free, and fully hosted demo instance of ClearGLASS.

Just follow these 3 simple steps to see how powerful ClearGLASS is for yourself:

1) Visit and click the Get Started button.
2) Create your free account.
3) Sign into the console and add at least one of your existing cloud providers.

That’s it! 

Check out the ClearGLASS documentation overview page to learn more about configuration.

If you’re wondering what all of the buzz about ClearGLASS is, check out this video below going over all of the ClearGLASS features including auto provisioning, scripts, key management, scheduled actions, REST API, audit logs, monitoring, alerts, role-based access control, cost insights, advanced orchestration, and more.

Here are some other great uses for ClearGLASS:

ClearOS users find that ClearGLASS is not only is a great way to manage a mix of on/off premises resources, it is also perfect for managing virtual machines – including multiple instances of ClearOS all running on the same host. For example, with ClearGLASS you can quickly cluster servers to make your own redundant mini datacenter while earning CLEAR Tokens for each and every ClearOS system you manage.

The coming new ClearOS Storage Manager app together with ClearGLASS will make it easier than ever to quickly partition storage in a way that fits your exact needs for each virtual or physical machine.

ClearGLASS is also a great way to prepare for the coming ClearNODE hardware and ClearSHARE software release as you can test, deploy and manage a mix of virtual or physical ClearNODES across multiple LANs and locations at any scale!