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ClearCenter and StoreWise Join Forces to Help Create ClearSHARE – The Future Of Decentralized Storage

StoreWise and ClearCenter are excited to announce a partnership to provide native, ultra high availability, distributed data storage across a number of ClearCenter’s platforms, applications and services under the brand name ClearSHARE™. In maximizing the privacy and performance benefits of blockchain-mediated distributed network tech, the partnership will enable ClearSHARE™ to guarantee operational continuity and a high level of geographic stewardship. 

StoreWise will enable ClearSHARE to leverage the benefits and advantages of distributed data storage over traditional on-prem or centralized cloud, while abstracting the complexity of blockchain level operations. StoreWise will assist with the integration of its Amazon S3-compatible gateway, which allows for direct interfacing between ClearCenter customers and the distributed, blockchain-powered data storage fabric. Integration is already underway with plans to announce a public release in Q2/2020.

The relationship between ClearCenter and StoreWise goes back several years, and is grounded in a shared commitment to privacy, security, availability and self sovereignty. The partnership is a natural fit for developing and delivering ClearSHARE products built on these values.

About ClearCenter

ClearCenter creates simple, secure and affordable storage products for managing Hybrid IT. ClearCenter’s ClearOS is a Linux-based open source operating system for managing cloud, server, network and gateway layers. It is designed for homes, small-to-medium size businesses and distributed environments. Available in multiple languages and in use in 154 countries around the globe today, ClearOS has more than 450,000 deployments serving more than 10.4 million users. Visit for more information.

About StoreWise

StoreWise provides powerful tools to developers to allow seamless integration of blockchain-powered and decentralized data storage into their stack, without the need for digital tokens or significant changes to existing S3 based architectures. StoreWise is built using the Sia protocol, the leading blockchain-based decentralized cloud storage platform. Visit for more information.

Interested in exploring Decentralized Data Storage?

Our team is ready to answer your questions. Contact us to learn more about our enterprise-grade data storage platform and our work to support ClearCenter’s launch: email

Press Contact:

David Politis, , +1-801-556-8184