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Bitcoin Millionaire Seeks Freedom of Information Through the ‘Freedom Phone’

We have more technology at our disposal than ever before. We have computers in our pockets more powerful than the computers that put astronauts on the Moon, we have the entirety of human knowledge at our fingertips, and we can communicate with anyone anywhere in the world. Our smartphones are capable, efficient, and fast. So why does it feel like we are suddenly beginning to lose technology options and our freedoms?

Even as our technology expands, our number of choices is beginning to shrink. Do you want to buy a smartphone? Your options are essentially just Android or Apple, nothing else really works. Do you need to download an app? You’d better hope it’s on the official Apple App Store or Google Play Store, or it simply won’t work on your phone. Is there a website you want to visit? Hopefully, your social media platform didn’t block it, otherwise, it basically doesn’t exist.

It’s 2021. You should be able to do anything you want on the Internet, and your phone should be more capable than ever before. When we think of the capability for smartphones, let’s get away from just thinking about the number of pixels on your screen: What about your freedom?

The Freedom Phone is an example of an entirely new smartphone that gives you options once again. Running its own free-speech-focused operating system (FreedomOS), nothing that you say or do can be automatically blocked by your phone’s manufacturer. With access to a free uncensorable app store (PatriApp Store), no app will be blocked from your phone. This means that you finally have the freedom to download what you want, browse where you want, and say what you want. Phones are supposed to enable speech; the Freedom Phone is all about free speech. 

The Freedom Phone is built by Erik Finman, the world’s first and youngest Bitcoin millionaire. It’s a serious phone, with massive memory, fast processors, front and back cameras, a huge all-day battery, and the power to run the apps you need every day. Its competitive edge is simple: your phone won’t cancel you and it won’t let Big Tech turn you into a data mine.

Technology is better when it gives us more options, not less. When it powers freedom, not technological tyranny. The Freedom Phone does that. For political reasons, some of the biggest technology companies in the world seem to be shifting towards restricting your options and limiting your choices. This is likely being done to ensure that you only use what they can monetize and profit from; a great way to keep their investors happy, but a terrible way to treat you and me — their customers. Unfortunately, since it seems all Big Tech companies are doing this in lockstep with each other, taking your business elsewhere hasn’t been practical for quite a while.

With the introduction of a new type of smartphone, the Freedom Phone, we finally have the ability to choose freedom once again. When we use innovative technology, we’re standing on the shoulders of giants who dedicated their lives to discovering and inventing new ideas. We are also standing with America’s founders who sought freedom and risked and gave their lives for it. The best way to honor their legacy and keep advancing forward is to use technology that gives you more freedom, not less. With liberty comes fresh ideas, new breakthroughs, and better lives. Let’s all push for that, together.

Mark Anthony is a former Silicon Valley Executive with Forrester Research, Inc. (Nasdaq: FORR). He is now the host of the nationally syndicated radio called The Patriot and The Preacher Show. Find out more at