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ClearFoundation Acquires technology from i2i Network and Forms ClearHealth

ClearHealth will leverage key i2i Network’s core technologies to create multiple health and wellness services.

JOHNSONVILLE, Wellington, New Zealand, and OREM, Utah, USA (February 12, 2020) ClearFoundation, a Clear company, today announced it has acquired technology from i2i Network and will create ClearHealth to provide coming health and wellness services worldwide.

Developed by Dr. H. Roy Curtin, i2i Network uses a combination of specialized scanning hardware and software to record an individual’s response to multiple queries including self-reported sources of stress and anticipated benefits from various supplements, functional adjustments, or other remedial options.

“We’re thrilled to be joining the Clear Group of Companies and to work together with the ClearFoundation team of scientists and technologists,” said Dr. Curtin, founder and president of i2i Network. “Our philosophy and plans are in total alignment with ClearFoundation’s vision to transform the health and wellness industry over time.”

The core technology behind i2i Network is Dr. Curtin’s Interactive Query System (IQS™)  The IQS hardware device in tandem with Dr. Curtin’s software can be used to inexpensively test for a wide variety of vital factors and help improve overall wellness.

“We are on a mission to help level the playing field for all of mankind by providing extremely cost-effective innovations in health and wellness space,” said Michael Proper, Chairman of ClearFoundation. “The combination of  i2i Network’s technology, its extensive partner network, and ClearFoundation’s software expertise will help fast track the fulfillment of our mission.” 

About ClearFoundation

ClearFoundation is a New Zealand organization which was created in 2009 with the purpose of developing and maintaining Open Standards and Open Source technologies. The foundation exists to ensure that every small business and distributed IT environment on the globe can have access to enterprise-grade IT security, privacy, filtration, and management tools. Visit for more information.

Press Contact:

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