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ClearFoundation acquires Ampliphi Health

Orem, Utah, March 1, 2021 — ClearFoundation, a leader in decentralized open standards and infrastructure technologies, announces the acquisition of Ampliphi Health PMA to add to the set of offerings within the ClearCompanies Private Membership Association (PMA) specifically ClearHealth. ClearHealth, is a pioneer in the emerging field of next-generation medical science. ClearHealth combines breakthrough science in physics, biochemistry, artificial intelligence, structure, analysis, and nutrition to offer solutions for individualized health needs. All personal data is secured on Decentralized Health storage from ClearCenter and hundred of thousand ClearNODEs around the globe and encrypted and shared via the user’s choices.

Ampliphi Health has focused on research studies to determine the efficacy of remote DNA Frequency Scanning and Tuning. Utilizing the emerging science of Quantum Physics, Ampliphi Health applies specific scanning and tuning frequencies to participants collected DNA with the expectation that the DNA’s quantum antennae will communicate these frequencies to the body wherever it might be. The scanning process reads the tuned state of various elements in the body and the tuning process brings out of tune elements back “in tune” through supportive or neutralizing bioenergetic frequencies. This process is based on the Quantum Physics principle of Quantum Entanglement which is the basis of new scientific and technological advances in the fields of advanced cryptography and quantum computers. 

“Ampliphi Health’s study results have been promising to date”, says ClearFoundation Chairman Michael Proper, “ and we are excited to continue refining the science and conducting studies as we secure and enhance the results on the ClearPHONE and ClearSHARE decentralized technologies and secure infrastructure and find additional understanding through the application of our advanced AI and digital scan data from the ClearPHONE and other recently acquired technologies from I2I Network and Roy Curtin acquired in early 2020.

Douglas Smith, the CEO of Ampliphi Health and new CEO of ClearHealth is thrilled to be part of the Clear Companies family. “ClearUnited is an influencer channel that is a perfect demographic fit for our emerging technology. They are interested in data privacy which is key for personal health data. They are innovative and looking for alternatives to standard medical care.”

The advanced decentralized network of ClearCompanies and their advances in smartphone privacy and innovations in their scanning and frequency applications through their ClearPHONE matched with Ampliphi Health’s advances in frequency tuning is a wonderful partnership that will pioneer advances in the health sciences for some time to come,” said Paul Isom, the Chief Research Scientist of AmpliphiHealth and new Chief Research and Development Officer of the ClearCompanies.

Douglas Smith
CEO – ClearHealth