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Modern Medicine Should Accommodate Us

    Something to think about next time you are sitting in a doctor’s waiting room: “What am I really paying for?”

    80% of doctor visits are return check-ups and non-emergency worries. So why are you in the waiting room in the first place? To renew a prescription? Report back on how you are feeling? Got a few questions? Need to see what your vitals are? We parents fall in the “non-emergencies worry” category. Wouldn’t telemedicine be a lot easier, and less expensive, and a whole lot faster? Of course it would. 

    ClearHealth introduces a tool that makes telemedicine even more effective.

    Telemedicine would work a lot harder for us if we had a tool at home that read our heart rate, oxygen levels, stress levels, and in the near future, our blood pressure, temperature, and glucose levels. 

    Introducing ClearSCAN. 

    Here’s how it works: Open the ClearID Health app. Hold your phone up to your face like you’re taking a selfie. Touch the blue arrow. Wait 2 minutes. Light from your phone is bouncing off the blood vessels in your face and reading your vitals. These micro-penetrations read the flow of blood, your breathing, and your oxygen levels. Knowing your heart rate and your oxygen saturation, the app then calculates your stress level. 

    Now imagine having these basic readings when you call your Telehealth doctor. And everytime you do a 2 minute vitals reading, the numbers are stored and sent to your Telehealth doctor if you choose so she can spot trends. Now a call is even more effective.

    The world of medicine is changing rapidly, and we’re in the middle of the revolution

    ClearSCAN is built into ClearID. Download it from Google PlayStore and test it out.