ClearID Protects You With The Touch of a Finger.

Privacy and security have become tradeoffs with big data companies. Their business model is to make money, and in order to maximize profits, they sell our user habits, our behavioral profiles, our location and shopping habits, even our friend connections. It’s all stored in a central location, and we all know how often those get hacked. In fact, if you want to see where your email account has been compromised, go here:

The problem is two-fold: first, centralized storage. Keeping data on millions of people in one place is just asking for trouble. It’s much safer for individuals if their data is decentralized, little bits of it stored across thousands of servers. Second is password protection. Every one of us has had our passwords compromised at some time. The remedy is to create different passwords for all of our accounts that are impossible to predict, then change them often. That gets to be a full-time job if you have many accounts. 

Here’s how ClearID works: long character passwords are generated for each of your accounts, and regenerated on a regular basis. Every account has a separate password, something that looks like this: 4u8t967nfjtuym34%%@*nmjuf*:0afghoiu^()HG. OK, that’s not something you would remember off the top of your head, so the passwords are stored only on your phone, nowhere else. Your phone is the locked storage, and key. To access your passwords you simply touch your finger to the biometric reader and the camera scans your face. Nobody else has access to your fingerprint and face. With ClearID, accessing your bank account is as simple as typing the bank’s name in a search box. A moment later, your phone vibrates asking for a fingerprint, and you automatically log in: ClearID empowers you to wield that really long, hard-to-remember password using just your fingertip and face.

Now think of how your photos, documents, and private information is stored… Where is it, actually? And who has access to it

ClearID stores your data in tiny bits across thousands of storage servers. The keys to decrypt your data and put all the bits back together are controlled, once again, by your fingerprint and face. Because your phone knows that you are really you, your data can be accessed from anywhere, but only by you with your phone as the key. That means practically unlimited storage that only you can access. No back doors, no admins peeking in. 

Are you still questioning if you need ClearID. Did you really check to see if your passwords are safe? If not, you should see if your passwords have already been breached like the other 10 Billion+ hacks by just entering your email address here (knowing we can give you your password about 80% of the time, that’s scary and nuts):

Finally, a secure way to store, access, and share your digital self. Check out the ClearPHONES for yourself at

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