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ClearCellular launches first brand partner, Freedom Phone under it’s new Partner Program

ClearCellular and Freedom Phone entered into an agreement in August 2021 for Freedom Phone to exclusively adopt ClearCellular decentralized hardware and software technologies. This arrangement is under Clear’s new Partners Program which allows qualifying brands to leverage Clear technology and platform. All phones will be “powered by Clear” and offer a full suite of decentralized apps and services.

Freedom phone has been positioning itself as a freedom first mobile phone offering privacy, security, and choice to the growing number of conservatives (aka MAGA movement) who are disenfranchised with BigTech. Several of the unique customizations of The Freedom Phone is that it is de-Googled and has its own conservative App Store which features leading Apps such as Parler, OANN, Newsmax, and Rumble.

ClearCellular CEO, Asheem Aggarwal states, “This will be the first of many brand partnerships to come that will leverage the power of Clear’s decentralized mobility solutions for identity, data, communications, and apps. It is time for BigTech to make way for a new breed of decentralized services and ClearCellular will shake up the mobile world the same way DEFI is transforming the world of finance.”

Michael Proper, Chairman of the group of Clear companies, added “We look forward to giving Freedom Phone the firepower, stability, and security it needs to help people regain control of their digital lives and footprint. They have done an incredible job addressing the pent-up frustration amongst conservatives in the United States of America around censorship and BigTech control.

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