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ClearOS Version 7.6 Released for All Editions

ClearOS version 7.6 has gone through its beta and Community stages and has now been fully released to the ClearOS Community, Home and Business Editions.

Current ClearOS 7 users should have automatically received the update.

If you are new to ClearOS, look at the ClearOS Editions comparison page then grab an .iso and check it out.

For full details on the release, please see the ClearOS 7.6 General Release page.

ClearOS 7.6 focuses on important security updates, adds new features, and also brings new applications to the ClearOS Marketplace.

New Applications Included in 7.6.0 Release and Since 7.5.0 Include:

  • NextCloud for Business
  • Annotation Libraries and Support for some Cyrus Annotations
  • iLO Management (iLO 5)
  • AMIBIOS Management (Specifically for the HPE MicroServer Gen10)

New Upstream Features and improvements Include:

  • Additional container support with new tools such as Podman (a container management tool) that complements the previously released tools such as Buildah and Skopeo. Podman can replace docker.
  • Policy-Based Decryption (PBD)
  • GnuTLS support Hardware Security Module (HSM)
  • OpenSSL now works with CPACF
  • nftables enchancements and the nft command for greater packet filtering insight
  • OpenSC support for new smart cards
  • Greater support for kdump, network, and timesync
  • Integration of Extended Berkeley Packet Filter (eBPF)
  • and much, much more.
  • ClearOS 7 features a Community, Home, and Business version. All versions of ClearOS will install from the same install image. You will be required to select your version during the initial setup wizard on the first boot after ClearOS is installed.