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ClearPHONE Solves the Telehealth Patient Privacy Issue

Telehealth is experiencing an explosion in use, due mostly to the pandemic, but also because of skyrocketing healthcare costs.

The challenge is patient privacy.

Centralized healthcare systems will always be susceptible to data breaches, and telehealth that relies on Centralized health records storage is no different.

The answer is a Decentralized Healthcare System that puts patient data management in the hands of the user. ClearPHONE runs on a private operating system, ClearOS Mobile, and uses Decentralized Storage to ensure the privacy of patient data. “There is a crisis in healthcare in America,” says ClearUnited Founder Michael Proper. “The pandemic has exposed the critical issues: not enough people have access to a doctor. Services are too expensive for one-third of people who need them. And putting all those health records on a central system puts patients at risk for losing their data, or being exploited in some way.”

Decentralization is being applied in industries that require absolute security. ClearPHONE brings that same level of security to individuals and their health services. “It really is a matter of giving the user or patient ownership of their data rather than abdicating it to a third-party,” continues Michael Proper. “This fabricated pandemic is changing the way we do everything, it’s exposed weaknesses in many of the systems we rely on. We’ll see great improvement in those systems, including the ability of individuals to have freedom over their own data. Decentralization of data is the core of all the innovations that will improve our lives.”

ClearPHONE is available now, and comes with a myriad of features that shift digital ownership to the user and allow the management of that data on decentralized storage and systems, working with apps that are totally private, or using apps from the playstore that are already familiar to the user.

ClearUnited Press Contact:
David Politis,