The Coming Decentralization Revolution

The pandemic has created a rare opportunity to improve the world’s distribution and privacy systems.

Everything from food supplies, to education, to data management has been impacted by the pandemic and resulting policies. Economies have been disrupted, jobs lost, and whole industries have radically changed.

Decentralization now happens in the palm of your hand

With so much power concentrated in one place, centralized systems are prone to corruption and exploitation. Compare a monarchy to a democracy. A king answers to no one but his own ambitions, which leads to over-taxation and a hoarding of resources while the citizenry suffers. A republic distributes power among a council of leaders who are beholden to the constituents they represent. Those constituents also participate in local councils and communities so that opportunities are accessible from top to bottom.

Data and digital control in the last 20 years has moved to centralized systems as companies like Google, Facebook and Apple have grown into monarchies who make the rules to preserve their station at the top of the hierarchy. This shift began under the laws of free competition, and the innovations have been miraculous. But as we’ve seen during the pandemic, the opportunity for abuse is extremely high. Big data companies can partner with big governments to surveill their citizens without any due process, which can lead to all kinds of privacy abuses, public shaming, mistaken identity, barriers to opportunities….the list goes on and on.

The bright light on the risks of centralization lead to decentralized answers

ClearPHONE is built on a private operating system that runs on decentralized systems and storage. Let that sink in. When you are using your ClearPHONE, you get all the same services: email, text, sharing, search and surfing…but rather than moving all your personal data through a third-party that can grant access to the government or your next employer, your data stays in your hands. That means you have the choice in how it is used.

ClearUnited is building digital freedom

A periodic check on power requires a revolution to disrupt the status quo. This is our time, a time for a digital revolution. Centralized systems of our day, like the monarchies of the 1700s, are breaking up. It has to happen. Food, education, energy, economic opportunities, will only reach the most vulnerable, and the most average citizen, through decentralized systems.

How do decentralized systems work?

Imagine the power grid with one source of power at its center: A nuclear power plant. All houses in America are powered by that one plant. Suppose an earthquake hits and the plant is compromised and has to shut down. The entire country shuts down in darkness.

Utilities have been working toward decentralized systems for decades because they know this risk. They distribute power generation between coal plants, solar energy, natural gas plants, hydroelectric, and nuclear. Now homeowners are getting in on the decentralization by installing their own solar panels. Imagine if every citizen generated their own electricity. That’s how decentralization works in the digital world. Every user owns their own data. That means they are free to share it however they want: with friends and family, but not marketers. With select marketers. With some government entities, but not all. With contact tracing, or not. 

Decentralization is ownership, and the freedom to make your own choices about your digital life.
That makes ClearPHONE the most empowering tool in your life.

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