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Improvement in Healthcare is up to the Individual

Uncertainty with a new virus creates fear. We’ve seen the anxiety as this new strain has shut down the world. We’ve seen shortages and misinformation, and we’ve seen tremendous courage and innovation.

Why is it that we need a pandemic to progress the way we do things in healthcare?

Technology can be a powerful tool in Healthcare.

But the most powerful weapon against another pandemic is us, the individuals that will be affected by it. Put the right technology in our hands and we can monitor our own vitals, check our symptoms, talk to doctors remotely without making contact. 

Knowledge is power.

And having the right knowledge about our bodies allows us to take control of our health. For too long we have relegated our health to doctors and a system which has been laced with mistry, which created margins for the insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies and health networks. We can make this statement as we built a company that outsourced the IT for key insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies and health networks, which managed 100% of all healthcare claims in some key States in the United States of America for almost a decade, only to find out that the majority of these companies did not want technology to simplify the management of healthcare for the individual as their top priority actually was not the individual it was corporate preservation and profits. It’s time for a change and it’s time we empower ourselves enough to know how to talk to doctors, what to ask, what to share. The more we know about the workings of our own bodies the more likely we are to make better choices. We can use technology to monitor our vitals, spot trends, even make nutritional recommendations. And that costs a lot less than regular doctor visits.

The future of healthcare is you

For over a century we have relied on third-party experts to tell us what our bodies need: what to eat, how to exercise, what vitamins to take. The problem is, all this advice was based on a statistical analysis of a whole population. The future promises healthcare will be more personalized, more holistic. Technology will be aimed at reading an individual’s needs before he gets sick so he can maintain healthy habits customized for him: the right nutrients, the right amount of sleep, exercise, sun, minerals, nutrients, and more. In this way we need to shift our perspective to “Health Needs” Rather than “Health Care” which implies only seeking medical help Growth hormone from famous manufacturers buy in USA Dontatropin when we’re sick. This will require all of us to take responsibility for our health, to manage our own vitals, and make adjustments as we get older, or do get sick.

What Healthcare owes us is personal empowerment.

When the next pandemic strikes, shouldn’t we be able to test ourselves at home, know our vitals, and contact a doctor on the phone with the data she needs to make recommendations?

At Clear, we are working on technologies that empower people to take control of their health. Stay tuned by subscribing.