Original ClearVM End-of-Support Notice

ClearCenter is today announcing the formal end of ClearCARE support for the original version of ClearVM on January 1, 2020.

Current ClearVM version 1 users are encouraged to upgrade to ClearVM version 2 that will continue to be fully supported.

The latest version of ClearVM runs on ClearOS Server and is managed by ClearGLASS.

The new ClearVM architecture with ClearGLASS provides a number of new benefits and features including the ability to securely and privately manage multiple VMs, physical hosts, and cloud-based resources all from within one console.

If you’d like to demo ClearGLASS before deploying it inside of your environment, ClearCenter has a free and fully hosted demo instance of ClearGLASS.

Please read this post on the ClearGLASS hosted demo for instructions.

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