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Privacy Through Technology

Concerns are rising about what happens when personal information, like your driver’s license or birth certificate, is tied to your online identity. Amelia Gardner warns that this could give too much control to the government. For example, in places like China, if the authorities disapprove of someone’s actions or words, they can restrict that person’s ability to prove their identity. This restriction might stop them from being able to open a bank account or travel.

New technologies such as cryptography and blockchain are seen as ways to protect our freedom. Amelia Gardner explains that while these tools can be used for both good and bad, with the right leadership, they can help us maintain our privacy and control over our lives.

A new system has been developed that’s transforming how people get married legally. Instead of going to a government office, couples can now manage the entire process from their smartphones at any time. This system, powered by highly secure blockchain technology, ensures that no one can tamper with the information.

Cryptography and blockchain, we can keep our personal info private and under our control. Amelia Gardner has set up a new way for people to get married using their phones, which keeps everything safe and skips the trip to government offices. Her project shows how smart technology can make important services simpler and more secure for everyone. Discover more about the future of technology and privacy at Digital World.