We Need More Than Content Filters On Our Phones

Unwanted intrusion on smartphones is so common now we hardly notice it. The fact is, we’ve given permission for most of the trackers and content servers when we signed Terms and Conditions of use. Those “I Agree” boxes seem to pop up everywhere. And no one reads them. In fact, it would take you 76 work days to read all the Terms and Conditions you agree to in one year. What they include are phrases that allow them to use our data however they want.

So big data companies own our info. Big deal. The question is, what do they do with it and who else can get a hold of it?

Turns out a lot of people can get a hold of it. Just peruse the headlines for breaches and you have to believe that you’ve somehow been compromised. If you want to know for sure if your email address has been seen floating around questionable sites, or been hacked, test it here:


Most of us are. Our private info is floating around the cybersphere like plastic bags in a windstorm. It’s going to take more than content filters to protect us, and give us the control we deserve.

With privacy and control at its core, ClearGM on ClearPHONE takes care of the most pressing issues first: It blocks inappropriate content at the firmware level so the controls can’t be hacked. It also uses Artificial Intelligence to identify bad actors and validate the good guys. It works by blocking everything while deploying Artificial Intelligence into the requested site. Hundreds of points are checked in milliseconds to either block the site or validate it. The cool thing is that this happens so fast you don’t notice it, and because it also blocks trackers and phishing packets, the performance of the phone actually increases. And so does the battery life.

Bad actors are blocked, content is filtered according to parameters you set. What else does ClearGM do?

Cut the bad guys off at the pass. All great westerns have a scene where the good guys find a shortcut that outsmarts the bad guys. So as ClearGM discovers new backdoors, phishing schemes, and behavior trackers, it learns where the bad guys go and what they are looking for. And cuts them off before they arrive on your phone. It gets smarter the more you use it. But let’s say some brilliant hacker somehow targets you individually, beats your biometric barrier and requests a download of your personal info. That’s like a one in a billion chance. But if they do, the destination of that outgoing data is also verified. Which means the personal data would never even be sent. That’s a total lockdown of your data. And total control of the content you see. And a complete block of trackers, ads and behavioral profilers.
ClearGM is way ahead of the game. No Terms and Conditions that require you to sign your digital life away. And it’s available now on ClearPHONE. Go to clear.store and check it out for yourself.

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