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A Tribute to Toni Lane Casserly

The world needs kind hearts with big visions for humanity. Hearts that see and feel the struggles of those people in faraway places, and within our own communities. Toni was a rare person. Someone who wept at injustice, and worked tirelessly to find answers. She was brilliant at seeing how systems could be changed to benefit all. She embraced blockchain not for its monetary value, but for the way it redistributed opportunity. She could see the whole picture, and yet take time to create a rock garden with my children and give them her full, tender attention. She was sensitive to the spirit of this earth and its people. The world will miss her. My family will miss her. I will miss her. I hope the work we do for the rest of our lives carries Toni’s vision to make a difference.

May we embrace the technologies that Toni was passionate about, to use them to create opportunity, to build better healthcare systems that reach people sooner, and to help all people connect in a very real and human way that goes beyond the technology and life.

Welcome to a new chapter Toni Lane Casserly. You are free! We will not forget your voice and message!