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Pioneer In The Cellular Industry Asheem Aggarwal Joins ClearCellular As CEO.

Mr. Asheem Aggarwal, formerly founded the first MVNO on the GSM network during the early growth stages of cellular and provided mobile service to 100’s of thousands of unbanked customers across the US starting back in 1997. His businesses extended to point of sale merchant processing, mobile apps, mobile VOIP, and glasses-free 3d technologies.

Asheem’s decades of expertise in opening new markets, launching entirely new product categories in mobile, and developing alternative distribution channels will be invaluable in his role as CEO of ClearCellular.

He will work closely with Michael Proper, Chairman of the ClearCompanies to ensure that the ClearCellular offering maximizes its potential of bringing decentralized mobility mainstream. His mantra for personal sovereignty and freedom of self, health, and wealth shall drive this ambitious endeavor.