ClearUnited just Gave Away 10 Free ClearPHONES!

Silicon Slopes was crazy busy. But we found just enough time to give away 10 free ClearPHONE 420s.

ClearPHONE is a revolution in the way we use the Internet. Complete data control. Security from hackers, ads and trackers. An ID management system that makes your unique biometrics the key to all your accounts, and a health app that lets you connect with a doctor 24/7 at no extra cost.

The lucky winners receive:

ClearPHONE 420 0$

ClearOS Mobile 0$

ClearGM Protection 0$

ClearCLOUD Backup 0$

ClearWEB Browser 0$

ClearID Security 0$

ClearCARE Support 0$


Learn more about what they won here!

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