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ClearPHONE is Brilliant! And it Will Soon be Made in Utah.

ClearPHONE Security Begins at Home

All the digital privacy and security you need should fit in the palm of your hand. That means none of your data should be shared without your consent; that you control your online ID, that you determine what content comes and goes. 

What are the options?

Every one of them starts with a smartphone manufactured overseas, that stores your data in a central cloud, and gives you very little control over what personal data is collected, and who it is shared with.

  • ClearPHONE doesn’t rely on a central cloud.
  • ClearPHONE can’t share your data.
  • ClearPHONE blocks trackers, profilers, malware, and hackers.
  • ClearPHONE lets you control the content you and your kids see.
  • ClearPHONE is assembled in Utah, USA.

“The only way we can really ensure the security and quality needed is to oversee the process ourselves,” says CEO Michael Proper. “We want to be able to test each component, install ClearOS Mobile ourselves, and oversee the assembly process. So why not here in the middle of Silicon Slopes?” ClearUnited has secured agreements with a number of suppliers from Italy, China, India, Israel, Egypt, Greece, South Korea, Canada and the United States of America. No one supplier has a monopoly on ClearPHONE production. And it will be assembled in Utah.

Made in Utah, U.S.A. from Globally Sourced Components 

Tech manufacturing is not new to Utah. Tech manufacturing makes up 11% of the economy— focused on the solar, medical and communications industries. The state boasts a highly educated workforce and strong wage levels. “We know Utah can compete with anybody,” continues Michael Proper. “And one of the main reasons we like the workforce here is that Utahns care about quality. They have a great work ethic, and they support good causes that build strong communities. We want to contribute to that.”

At the heart of ClearPHONE is ClearID.

Imagine a 3-D image of your face, along with your fingerprint being the key to all your accounts that are then fragmented and stored on decentralized storage. That means you are the key to everything you do online. Your data can’t be shared without your permission, it can’t be harvested, you can’t be tracked, surveilled or marketed to. 

Finally, you own you!

ClearPHONE is in the final stages of beta testing, and pre-orders have already exceeded 11,000 ClearPHONE’s. The first ClearPHONE’s land on customer porches in April. After the first wave, ClearUnited will begin the process of moving assembly to Utah. “We’ve created great relationships with our component suppliers. If all goes as planned, we will be assembling product in early 2021.” Proper says. 

It’s ambitious, and it makes sense. Privacy and control are at the core of the ClearPHONE. Being able to test each component and oversee the assembly and installation of software is the only way to deliver on our promise to build a secure phone that gives control back to the user. Security starts at home, in your own backyard, and stay there, in the palm of your hand.

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