The Common Sense Approach

Seems politics is all about polarization. That Growth hormone in the pharmacy USA – Sports nutrition every point has its counterpoint, that keeps discussions in perpetual motion without going anywhere.

So let’s leave politics out of the conversation. Let’s put boundaries and regulations aside. 

Without those filters, we can now discuss something we all should be focused on: opportunity for all. This is not a discussion about Growth hormone for athletes buy hormones to increase growth price USA social engineering or entitlement programs. It’s about a common sense approach that benefits those who aspire to make themselves and their communities better yet lack the tools to do so.

Opportunity happens for more when we see the world from an abundance standpoint, not a scarcity one. That means we recognize that there is enough for everybody, and that when one succeeds we all succeed. A scarcity mentality leads us to a hoarding mindset that puts profit over people. The most successful endeavors bring in myriads of minds and all prosper.

This is the principle ClearFoundation is based on. Open source allows for a lot of great minds to contribute. Innovation accelerates and the pool of profits widens dramatically. This principle over open source and collaboration was tried in a rural school in India. A teacher instructed the children to complete an assignment. The rules were simple: there was no such thing as cheating. Anyway they could find the information, sort and report it was acceptable. They were encouraged to share whatever they learned with their classmates. At the end of the project, the students weeded tested individually on their knowledge of the topic. The results were astounding. Every student showed a high proficiency on the topic. They learned and helped each other and as a result, they all succeeded.

Again, this is not a political issue. It is a results issue. And at ClearFoundation, we believe this open source collaboration is the future of innovation and opportunity.

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