If We Don’t Own Ourselves, Somebody Else Will

Ever stopped and thought about how much of your digital self is out there?

Everytime we shop a site, browse a news site, search for a new restaurant, even ping a friend on Facebook or Instagram; we leave digital tracks. Now imagine millions of vacuum robots sniffing around for pixels of you, sucking them up, and assembling them like lego pieces to build a digital profile. This is exactly what is happening.

Why is it important to you?

Because that digital you can now be bought and sold and exploited and even manipulated to the point where it affects your physical life. And when you die, the digital you is still out there, roaming the digital world, still being acted upon by forces and entities that have no relationship to you.

Own you. Own your legacy.

Digital ownership is a basic right like freedom of speech, the right to privacy, owning land without fear of the Government taking it away. When you own your digital self, you control what is marketed to you. You protect your privacy. You make sure your digital life lives beyond your physical death in a way that is best for your children, and theirs. 

ClearID is like digital DNA.

Before we could positively identify somebody by their DNA, the corruption around identity was almost unchecked. Sure, there were physical ways to establish your identity: government documents, leases, physical address. But these could all be faked. DNA changed the criminal justice system dramatically. ClearID works the same way: positively identifies you. And with that positive ID, you can determine what part of your profile you want to share. You can control your privacy. You can lock your life history of activities up and only share it with future generations. 

Ownership is freedom.

Just like serf who had no identity under a king experienced freedom for the first time when they became landowners, we too become freer when we take back our digital lives and own our digital as well as our physical identity.

Check out ClearID for yourself.

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