Freedom Phone Enters Into Strategic Partnership With ClearCellular To Deliver Decentralized Hardware & Software To Freedom Phone Customers.

Erik Finman, Founder of the Freedom Phone, just announced, “Our ongoing help to secure American’s freedom of speech and your right to privacy is what lead to us joining forces with a powerful ally: ClearCellular. Makers of some of the most powerful decentralized technology in the world, ClearUnited is the exact company you want in your corner when it’s time to go toe-to-toe with Big Tech.”

Michael Proper, the Chairman of ClearCellular, fully understands the dangers that Big Tech presents to America. That’s why from now on Freedom Phone will be working hand in hand with ClearCellular to secure our devices, support our valued customers, and ensure we keep Big Tech on the retreat. From this point forward, every Freedom Phone will come with the Clear Logo on it – representing that every new phone shipped has ClearCellular’s Guarantee of Security, proving that your device is clear of malware, clear of censorship, and clear of backdoors.

Building the ultimate phone is about more than an uncensorable device – we have to create the future of cellular technology to stay several steps ahead of Apple and Google. That’s why each Freedom Phone will have the Clear suite of apps preloaded, ready to protect your identity, increase your capabilities, and safeguard your communications. Through the use of ClearCOIN and ClearNODE, you will even be able to participate in a decentralized cryptocurrency economy – a surefire way to keep your finances out of the grip of the powers that be.

America’s founders recognized that freedoms are inherent, not granted; the government was supposed to merely protect our freedoms, not dictate them. Where the government has failed, it’s up to us to step in and make things right. By using a Freedom Phone backed by ClearCellular technology, we can ensure our right to privacy and our freedom of speech aren’t being stifled by faceless corporations.

Say hello to ClearCellular, your greatest ally in the fight for freedom.

How does Clear compare to Big Tech today?

How can you tell others and win? ClearUnited

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