In Loving Memory of Raymond Mihaere

He aitua! He aitua! Kua mate a Raymond Mihaere. Haere okioki atu koe e Ray ki tua i te ārai ki te whare rangimārie o te atua. Kaua mātou e warewaretia I a koe e te rangatira moe mai ra.

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Our great friend, amazing team member, and brother Raymond Mihaere has passed over. Farewell Ray on your final journey to the lord’s house. we will never forget you, sleep well in an ever-lasting peace.

Ray has been leading, teaching, and assisting people to grow for 30+ years this is where Ray got much satisfaction. Ray has always been an early adopter of emerging technology and systems and their uses, applications, and benefits. This has not been without its challenges in a rapidly ever-changing sector in discerning the way ahead. Whether in a one-on-one situation or in a group, to see the lights go on in one’s eyes is exhilarating. With the advent of Web 3.0 and its current adoption across the world, it is exciting to be able to play a part in an evolution that will literally benefit and change many lives.

Having taught/instructed in a variety of contexts and across and a plethora of professions/industries including not for profits has given me a wide array of perspectives and experiences that are transferrable across the business world. Add to that the unique Maori perspective of human interaction that allows for a spiritual view to be used in finding business solutions that endure. I am a firm believer of the perspective that puts the People at the centre of the model before Profits.

The technology sector continues to roll on at a rapid pace and training and teaching early adopters remains a necessity to get understanding and buy-in. Ray’s current role is to connect people to the technology in a way that it just makes sense and highlight the benefits for not only today but for a future yet to be designed from the Spirit Wrold.

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