Michael Proper on Decentralization

To truly understand how revolutionary ClearPHONE is, you have to know what regular cell phones do:

They collect and share your personal data to third-parties—big, centralized organizations that make the rules for how they can use your personal data. 

Centralized means all your data is in one place with everybody else’s. That makes it the holy grail for hackers because if they can get in there, they can extort and manipulate millions of users.

So first off, ClearPHONE is decentralized. It runs on decentralized systems and uses decentralized storage. Hackers aren’t interested in little bits of data spread out all over the world. It’s not worth their time and effort. It also means no centralized third-party can manipulate or sell your data. 

Having a decentralized phone keeps the creeps out, the marketers out, the data manipulators out. That’s a big deal.

ClearPHONE gives you the choice. Think about that for a minute. You own your data. You own your phone. You make the rules; not Google or any other third-party. It’s all you.

What does that mean?

You can choose to keep everything you do on your phone completely private by only using Clear apps for email, photos, messaging, and browsing. But if you choose, you can use a Google app you just can’t live without—just know that everytime you do, Google is collecting your data.


Even when you use Google, ClearPHONE software blocks ads, trackers, and malware.

ClearPHONE is brilliant that way. 

The Decentralized systems and storage of ClearPHONE make it completely unique. We don’t want your data. We think you should own it, and decide how it is used. And we’ve built a whole slew of apps that make your life easier and keep it private: from telehealth and vital scanning, to password management and customization capability so you can truly make your ClearPHONE yours.

Check out the revolutionary ClearPHONE

SUPER: ClearPHONE. The revolution is on.

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