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The First Shipment of ClearPHONES are on their way!

Perseverance is stubbornness with a purpose

Josh Shipp

This will be a story we tell our grandchildren, how the world was upended by technological surveillance, then a pandemic, a few earthquakes, and an economic meltdown that resulted in a global disruption of supply lines—and yet we persevered through it all to deliver our first shipment of ClearPHONES.

We have had good and faithful companions along the way, and been stubborn in clinging to our purpose: to give every individual control over their own data, a new digital life. The design team, the programmers, the manufacturers, logistics…It has been a difficult journey to be sure, but it is the purpose of our product that kept us going.

I want to use a story as an illustration: In 1925, the children of Nome Alaska were dying of a deadly diphtheria outbreak. In a month, the whole village of 1400 could be dead. A serum was needed but no airplane could fly in the extreme conditions. The life-saving medicine lay in the ice-choked harbor of Anchorage, 1000 miles away. The task seemed impossible. Yet the lives of hundreds of children were at stake, with the number rising rapidly. It would have been easy to say nothing could be done. To relinquish history to fate, another tragedy. The territory’s Governor, Scott Bone was not willing to give up. He organized a relay of dog sleds to move the 25 pound package through blinding blizzards and 60 below temperatures. The team of volunteer dog sledders accomplished the feat in record time in the most severe conditions.

Today, we see pandemics of a different sort affecting our children: loss of privacy, the plague of online pornography, inaccessible healthcare, lack of financial opportunities, and the anxiety of knowing some unknown third-party is gathering personal data and manipulating user behavior. 

We embarked on this journey because we refuse to accept the fate we all face if we don’t take control of our digital lives. ClearPHONE is the antidote parents have been calling for. And while none of our team has lost any toes to frostbite, we have all lost a lot of sleep and had our moments of hopelessness during quarantine. But what we have finally delivered is a product that benefits us all; especially our children. 

The first 420 models arrive by air in a couple of days. A week later, the rest will arrive.

ClearPHONE is the culmination of teams and technology from all over the world, all coming together for this great purpose. It is a complete paradigm shift: giving us control over how we use our personal data to our benefit while blocking out any who would exploit us. It is the freedom we all deserve, the antidote to chaos, uncertainty, and digital oppression.

If you missed out on the first order, you can still get your ClearPHONE here. And remember, with every person you refer to ClearPHONE, you reduce your monthly phone bill. Create a login at ClearUnited for more details.

“If people are dying, let’s get started!”

Wild Bill Shannon, dog sledder on the decision to mush immediately and push through the frigid night instead of waiting for morning.