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ClearOS Mobile Marketplace Announcement

ClearUnited announces ClearOS Mobile Marketplace.

“The time has come for a marketplace that features Decentralized apps,” says Michael Proper, founder of ClearUnited. “The market for apps has matured, the demand for decentralized apps has exploded, and there are too few options for users who don’t want to be tethered to centralized systems motivated by profits and gathering data.”

ClearOS Mobile Marketplace is different because it features apps that don’t collect personal data and that allow for decentralized storage. This makes for a private and secure user experience on the Internet. As data collection and analytics have become big business, ClearOS Marketplace is designed for individuals who want more control in their online experiences and are looking for apps to give them that opportunity. 

“The results of government overreach in surveillance, big data collection without permission, and big corporation immunity from bad behaviors has led many users to look beyond the obvious choices for browsers, storage, and email,” continues Michael Proper. “If you don’t want to be spied on and you don’t want your personal data at risk, you can find an app for that on ClearOS Mobile Marketplace.”

Privacy apps that compete with the established apps stores and their core business of collecting personal data is difficult, if not impossible. SeeThe Monopoly of App Distribution.

ClearOS Mobile Marketplace also includes apps that you can find on other app stores, including thousands of games. “You have to think of ClearOS Mobile Marketplace as the place to regain control over your personal data,” Says Michael Proper. “We have everything you need.”

Check out ClearOS Mobile Marketplace for yourself.