What Makes ClearOS Mobile So Secure?

Creating a secure mobile operating system is actually easier than it sounds. What’s challenging is creating an operating system that allows third-parties to collect data and still be somewhat secure. That’s how every mobile operating system is built, except for ClearOS Mobile. There is a lot of money in data collection, so operating systems, third-party clouds and websites are all in the business of collecting and marketing your personal data.

Our motivations are different. We don’t believe in making money on users’ personal data. We believe that you should own your digital self and be free to use that freedom how you want, not be at the whims of a big corporation, network, or government. ClearOS Mobile is based on years of experience building operating systems for institutions that need lockdown security: banks, universities, hospitals. We simply took those innovations and built a mobile operating system that doesn’t have backdoors that allows for a free flow of data to the highest bidder. 

By simply closing the backdoors, we make ClearPHONE the most secure consumer cell phone on the market. But we didn’t stop there. We built ClearOS Mobile on top of Android so you get the same convenience and ease you’re used to. It works in the background so you don’t even notice that you’re being watched over. It’s like a silent bodyguard, stopping intruders at the door before you even see them.

ClearOS Mobile is secure because it is built on a philosophy of security over profits. It’s that simple.

ClearOS Mobile runs exclusively on ClearPHONE.

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