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Why ClearWEB Browser is Even Better Than Brave or Braver

Seems every time a solid solution for privacy comes out, the creators get greedy. Brave started out as the best way to ensure private surfing, but the browser has come under fire for some “not so honest” practices. Braver just announced its launch, but chances are they will heed the same siren call to increase profits by making compromises somewhere.

DuckDuckGo is doing a lot of quacking right now and offers a good search experience. But there is one flaw in all three of these options: It’s the only thing they do.

If you build a browser around complete privacy there isn’t going to be a very robust return on investment. Idealism dies hard when the mortgage is due. Of course there are creative ways around this like making it a subscription, or introducing opt-in ads. The real money will always be in data.

So how do you create a totally private, totally secure, ad-free browser that isn’t motivated by profits?

You make it a reward for using other products.  Introducing ClearWEB. 

ClearWEB was built to be the no strings attached browser for Clear Companies, especially the ClearPHONE. By making ClearPHONE privacy-centered, we needed a browser we could trust to remain private. ClearWEB uses DuckDuckGo for search, but because your search stays secure under your control, you can decide if you want to leverage your personal data to your advantage, on your terms. 

That’s a huge shift.

ClearWEB lets you search privately, secures your identity, and let’s you use your personal data the way you want. Nobody else does that.

ClearWEB will never be corrupted by profit demands because it doesn’t need to make money…Clear Companies, including ClearPHONE are profitable, ClearWEB doesn’t have to be.

ClearWEB is free to function according to the principles of privacy without compromise. It even comes free on ClearPHONE. 

It’s a matter of rethinking the whole idea of a browser. It should be free and accessible to everyone, pure in its motivation to serve users, and never be beholden to the gods of profit. 

ClearWEB is everything Brave wanted to be, and more.
Find out for yourself. Download it today.