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That’s Right ClearGM Can Stop Next-Gen Spyware Like Pegasus

Is your phone as secure as they (Big Tech) tell you it is? 

That’s been one of the most pressing topics recently as The Guardian uncovered disturbing details around the highly-advanced Israeli spyware program, Pegasus, that exposes your personal data to hackers and government institutions around the world. 

Regardless of whether you use an encrypted messaging app like Signal or Telegram on an Android or iOS device, many spyware apps, including Pegasus, can bypass your software’s security and access every single message, photo, video, and email you’ve sent or received. It can even turn on your microphone, camera, GPS, and monitor your current location— all without you knowing and remaining virtually undetectable.  

Pegasus is the main product and most developed piece of software created by an Israeli surveillance company, the NSO Group. Those who are using this software are government clients around the world. Countries include Hungary, Morocco, Bahrain, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Rwanda and Mexico.

Thousands of personal records from the Pegasus system have been leaked to The Guardian as potential government targets which exposes the widespread abuse and corruption credited to Pegasus and it’s clients.  Although disguised as a law enforcement tool to fight terrorism, gun violence, and serious crimes, Pegasus continues to be the real threat to indivudal privacy and the protection of liberty to sovereign nations. 

This technology, if continued to be used by dictatorial regimes, would inhibit the possibility of those nations adopting a representative democracy and lead to the exponential control of entire populations. 

A Practical & Sustainable Alternative

For years, Clear has been sounding the alarm to this growing problem of privacy and security and has been actively developing a practical solution that provides protection for the individual using its advanced Gateway Management system, ClearGM. 

By default, ClearGM blocks unauthorized internet traffic, and then allows only the good parts you want to see. This gives you total control over what is allowed, or you can let Clear GM’s artificial intelligence protect you automatically

You can either have total control over what is allowed, or let Clear GM’s artificial intelligence protect you automatically— it’s up to you. 

Whether you’re a parent concerned about your child’s online safety or you’re someone who simply wants complete control of your own data and privacy, ClearGM has proven to be the best solution on the market for individuals and communities across the world. 

If you’re interested in learning more about some of the technical details around ClearGM’s functions and capabilities (including DNS filtering technology, DTTS), click on the link below to see our comprehensive guide and product website.

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