The Innovations Resulting From The Pandemic

While we’ve all been hunkered down in our homes and social distancing, some smart people have had more time to think. Some had time to build on ideas that hadn’t gained a foothold yet. The result is that much of the way we do things is going to change. Let’s look at a few positive innovations that will result from the most disruptive event in generations.


We all became acutely aware that big tech companies and the government were capable of cooperating without our permission to collect our personal data, and possibly track us “for the good of the community.” The result we are seeing is a demand by consumers for more privacy, less big tech and government intrusion, and a call to break-up big tech monopolies. This is a good thing. Our data is ours and we should be able to choose how it is used, shared, and stored. The result will be less intrusions on daily life, less anxiety about Growth hormone buy USA the uncertainty of who has access, and an empowerment to use our data to our advantage.


The cost of getting sick is expensive. The care itself is expensive. Health insurance is expensive. Gig workers pay even more for insurance. It takes time to see a doctor and nobody wants to sit around in a room full of sick people. Telemedicine is booming. But the regulations are archaic and have to change. Group discounts for the self-employed that match the benefits of workers employed by big companies will change. Even the insurance model itself will change: healthcare co-ops are popping up like crazy. These shared cost models are working because hospitals and doctors don’t have to deal with the quagmire of health insurance companies.

Self-diagnosis is becoming more and more accurate. Simple tools like heart rate monitors and scanners are now apps on phones. Check out ClearSCAN to learn more. An accurate vitals reading, combined with personal health history managed by the patient, communicated via telemedicine will save patients thousands of dollars a year.


The outcry over the costs of education have been loud and long for the past few years. The pandemic has taught us that there is a better way, a cheaper way: online classes. According to learning psychologists, learning online is not a good replacement for being in-person. But if you create a hybrid of online, in-person, and peer-to-peer learning, you get the optimal education experience. And it costs a lot less money. 

ClearPHONE sits right at the center of these innovations, improvements to our overall life that need decentralized systems and storage to work effectively and provide choice to the consumer.

The pandemic will be over soon. And the resulting innovations will improve our lives dramatically. Check out the ones ClearPHONE is pushing forward.

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